Peristaltic pumps

Ceramic treatment

More than twenty-year experience in ceramic processing and synergies developed with companies working in this industry has led to the development of Acme products particularly suitable for pumping abrasive fluids and slurries.

Peculiar structure of peristaltic pump ACME brilliantly withstands wear caused by the passage of abrasive products and at the same time limits contact of a flexible hose with abrasive.

Absence of valves and seals in ACME peristaltic pump helps avoiding possible obstruction / blockage which may occur in other types of pumps.

ACME’s peristaltic pumps are so used for pumping different fluids typical of the ceramic industry like the slip, even at high temperature and with a high specific weight; mortars and glazes even at high pressures and finally abrasive muds containing suspended particles and ceramic waste.