Peristaltic pumps

Food and Beverage Sector

Transfer of food and beverage first of all means strict compliance with current hygiene regulations. Our Acme peristaltic pumps transfer the product within special rubber tube protecting it from any possible source of contamination. Peristaltic Acme tubes are certified in conformity with norms of FDA and AISI 316 (Din, Tri-clamp etc.) Their construction helps to avoid any possible stagnation zone allowing an easy and efficient sanitizing also to CIP facility. Fragile and delicate products whose characteristics could be altered when transferred by other types of pumps stay undamaged after transfer by ACME pumps due to use concussions and emulsions. Even creamy products or the ones with solid suspended parts (jams, fruit salads, canned tomatoes and vegetables, etc …) can be transferred without changing their consistency and integrity. Acme peristaltic pumps are also excellent metering pumps.