Peristaltic pumps

Marine applications

Use of ACME’s peristaltic pumps in marine applications, both on piers or on berthing docks, is the right solution of problems connected to pumping of slurry and those that are connected with emptying of bilges and tanks of the boats and other vessels. Acme Peristaltic pumps are self-priming and can boast an exceptional suction capacity (up to 98%). Pumps may be provided in fixed or mobile configuration, thus adapting to the needs of both small tourist ports and of large commercial facilities. Due to absence of valves, seals and gaskets, their maintenance is extremely simple and does not require much time, which makes peristaltic pump ACME valuable port equipment. Acme Peristaltic pumps are an excellent choice for marine uses due to wide use of special stainless steel and appropriate treatment of exposed surfaces, confer thereto high resistance to saline fog.