Peristaltic pumps

Water treatment – purifiers

Peristaltic ACME pump is an excellent solution in the water treatment process because is extremely suitable for the pumping of sludge containing organic or biological wastes, chemicals and slurries. Filtration systems used for galvanic treatments, textile and chemicals are absolutely compatible with ACME pumping system because of its strong suction capacity which allows transfer without any problems all types of materials including viscous fluids that is impossible with other types of pumps. Structure of ACME peristaltic pump combines mechanical action of pumping, confinement of fluid and hazardous and toxic substances within the hydraulic circuit creating with a flexible pumping element a barrier between an operator / environment and a facility.

Water (additives) treatment

Sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulfite, ferric chloride, lime milk and other polymers are normally used for treatment of the water. They could be easily transported by a peristaltic ACME pump. Gas generating products such as sodium hypochlorite do not lower efficiency of a pump despite formation of gaseous phase. ACME peristaltic pump is used both for flocculants for the domestic market and for flocculants with higher density and viscosity used in European markets (Germany, France, etc ..). Presence of solid suspensions such as lumps flocculant or metallic residues does not cause any impediment for ACME peristaltic pump.