Peristaltic pumps

Winemaking Sector

Constant improvement of quality, upgrade of organoleptic characteristics and perfecting of odors stay always important for winemaking sector. That is why it is so critical to choose the best possible means for transfer the product in various stages of production, preserving all its original characteristics. In order to preserve scents and aromas keeping the characteristics linked to the territory and vine without deviation the aromas normally caused by mistreatment of the peel, grape berries should be transferred undamaged. ACME peristaltic pump is able to transfer the grape berries fast and delicately without damaging the skin of grapes (which is very important for production of sparkling wines), with a consequent decrease of the dregs in must. At the same time the pump can be used for the transfer of the wine must or wine maintaining the same sensitivity for both products. The aromas and fragrances remain unchanged during this process. Use of peristaltic pump ACME, compared to other types of pumps means less stress to wine without altering the levels of dissolved gases such as CO2 (essential characteristic for sparkling wines) without losing the effectiveness and efficiency of the pump. Peristaltic pump ACME is the ideal vehicle for transportation of all types of grapes, must and wine.